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My New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's ResolutionsIt’s hard for me to accept that 2014 is already here…in fact, we’re already a few weeks into the New Year!  This annual event triggers endings—and beginnings, reflection and celebration, and the ever-popular resolutions.  Why?  We, as humans, like to mark the passage of time and create deep meaning to it in our lives.  Why, then, don’t we do similar activities for our businesses?

Well, this year, I definitely am!  2013 was a year of massive change for us as a company; what better way to mark that transition than with a few resolutions?

  • Resolution #1: I will help the industry to “shed” those pesky extra pounds of workflow.  Shouldn’t we all go on a workflow diet?  It’s time to get in shape with efficiency and automation!  I know that extra weight of manual intervention seems necessary…but it really isn’t.
  • Resolution #2:  I will ensure my clients’ extreme happiness and satisfaction through unparalleled customer service.  Don’t you want more “me” time?  Let us carry the extra load so you can sit back, relax, and well, be happy.
  • Resolution #3:  I will build with the best team in the industry.  Sure, most folks says that they are going to focus on the relationships that really count each New Year.  But, I have had the fortune of assembling awesome teams before…and keep raising our standards even higher.  Higher standards at YANGAROO means better performance for our clients, affiliates, and partners!
  • Resolution #4:  I will rock the industry with innovation that change the way we manage advertising – for the better.  For those of you who know me, y’all know I’m not a wallflower when it comes to innovation.  I prefer to be out on the dance floor, mixing-it-up with new technologies, exciting partnerships, and client-based solutions that change how we can do business together.  That’s the leading man on my dance card in Q1: so get ready for some fancy moves.

Of course, the key about resolutions is keeping them.  I will!  With the seismic shifts still happening in our field and the predictions for 2014 (It’s the Year Of:  “programmatic advertising!” “online video advertising;” “the rebirth of the agency!”), we all need to make plans—and stick to them.  The more advertising harnesses the power of innovation, the more we can cost-efficiently tackle multi-screen, addressable, VOD, OOH, RTB, well, you know our alphabet soup.

I’m excited for 2014, and delivering on my business resolutions.  I hope you are as well—and would love to talk about them further.  The research shows that the more support one person has, the easier it is to stick with them…

Happy New Year!
Sarah Foss