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PULSE RECORDS “Providing Top Tier opportunities for unsigned artists”

#BeHeard @pulserecords

We’re proud to announce a new and exciting destination for your music videos – Pulse Records. The Pulse Records team will screen your video and if they feel there is a strong opportunity for placement in TV shows, video games, commercials, retail stores, sporting events, etc., will contact you with more information about pitching your video for placement.

About Pulse Records:

Pulse Records is the “Un-label and Un-Publisher” providing top tier licensing opportunities and promotional placements for unsigned artists from music on television, films, domestic and international outlets, independent radio around the globe to mainstream music video placement for artists worldwide.

Have the quality but don’t have the label? We are the “no strings attached” alliance that acts like your label without any involvement aside from our staff pitching your work. We pride ourselves on educating artists about their rights, how to set up sustainable infrastructures and give them tools to build their own careers, momentum, publicity and revenue streams. We are the home of #BeHeard.

We open the door to artists, managers, song pluggers, publishers and independent labels who seek opportunities where they can maintain their rights, revenue, integrity, values and ability to design their own destiny. We provide tips, tools, advice, opportunities and a community where artists can thrive on their own terms and at their own pace.

The music industry is like a popular party, you must walk in with someone who knows the host. Once you’re in, it’s up to you to mingle. Your success is our success. New fans are omnipresent, how are you going to Be Heard? With decades of industry experience from live play to licensing, we’ve built long standing, deep industry relationships who seek us to out find them top quality independent music, music video’s and more. The best music and video productions are not always mainstream publicized works or label acts.

Through Pulse Records you can move like a major without giving up major rights. Visit for briefs and options, read the Mission Statement, it’s time to Be Heard.

Pulse Records’ recent clients/sync placements:

Includes, but is not limited to: NBC, CBS, Fox Sports, TNT, ABC, Total Access NFL, NFL Films, NBA March Madness /All Game day action and in stadium placement via DJ rotation, American Hero on NBC, NASCAR, Superbowl, BCS Bowls, ESPN, Lured, Discovery Channel, Video Games (5 different studios – myriad titles including EA Games), CTV shows (Bell media Canada) NINE Australia, Seven Australia, X-Games commercial spot, 2010 Olympics – Vancouver promo, NFL pre-game trailers, Dodgers/Pirates pre-game intro, 900 Films, Tony Hawk’s RIDE, AST Dew Tour Toyota Challenge TV spot. E-Sports intro Korea, Bulgarian Moto Cross Finals. NCAA sports, independent films, advertising campaigns, TV pilots, online and in store promotions. All retail clothing chains, high end malls, Denny’s, McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Arby’s and multi -location outdoor shopping outlets etc. Music video’s selected by producers will be put into rotation for 4-6 consecutive weeks garnering Millions of impressions.

How to Submit:

The submission fee for Pulse records is $20 (per HD video), and they can be added to your next release by searching ‘pulse records’ under ‘Organizations’ on the Destinations tab of your next release (or clone prior releases to send them to Pulse)