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List Profile: Hip Hop Music Video Outlets

List Profile: Hip Hop Music Video Outlets


Music Video Outlets includes some of the best underground television shows and Internet music video shows in the country. Programmers receiving music in this list range from former radio personalities to club DJs focusing on major music markets like Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami, and New York. They’re always looking for the freshest sounds rather than the most popular artists. Music Video Outlets are a great place to get your video in front of people who lead the pack instead of follow the crowd.

To access this list, create a release in your DMDS Pro account and click on the Destinations tab. Click on DMDS Lists in your search field and choose Music Video Outlets – Urban/Hip Hop (USA)

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Video Outlet Highlights

Major markets serviced in this list:
New York, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, Los Angeles

Formats served in this list:
Rap, Hip Hop, Urban, Rhythmic, Soul, R & B

Number of destinations:

Media broadcast in this list:
Internet Radio, Internet Video, College/Community Radio, Regional Television, and Retail

Featured Destinations

  • The California Music Channel
  • Cheddar DVD Magazine
  • Bump Dat Video Channel
  • The Bobby T Show
  • Promo Only
  • Underground Video Show

Featured Programmer

Mazi Oyo

Mazi Oyo

The Hip Hop Takeover Show

Videographer, radio personality, and music video promoter Mazi Oyo runs a series of music video projects in New York City that promote new hip hop artists and their music. Mazi is a radio producer for 99.5 WBAI-FM radio in New York and runs a regular program called the Hip Hop Takeover Show. His websites, including, attract audiences of over 28 million visitors with the latest rap and hip hop videos before they receive mainstream attention.

Mazi has over 20 years of experience in promotions and comes from a family with deep roots in the music industry. His father ran an artist management company that worked with MC Supernatural and his cousin managed Brooklyn rap group Stetsasonic. Mazi was inspired by his family; by VJs like Ralph McDaniels, Fab Five Freddy, and Bobby Simmons; as well as his friend and mentor, Sway Calloway at MTV to start a hip hop magazine which ultimately transformed into

Hip Hop Videos Are Used By

  • eOne Entertainment
  • Atlantic Records
  • Young Money Records
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