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DMDS Newsletter #3: Destination

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24bit Audio Support
Digest Emails
Top Downloads & Streams
DMDS User Profile: Katie Brooks

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24bit Audio Support

If your profession involves broadcasting or reviewing music, it's likely you prefer to receive the best quality audio possible. For years, DMDS has been the only delivery system of new music providing recipients with uncompressed WAV files. Other systems provide downloads in a proprietary compressed format that can be 'exported' to WAV, others are MP3 only. DMDS now offers support for digital audio in 24bit, 48/96 kHz (CD is 16bit, 44.1kHz). If audio quality is important to you, DMDS is the music delivery system for you.

More about 24bit audio:


By default, DMDS opens on the Library page. This is to give you instant access to the newest releases, but we don't want you to miss out on The Dashboard. Simply click the big DASHBOARD button at the top of the page.

Dashboard View

The Dashboard is your information centre: View the organizations your associated with, the DMDS lists you're on, and your email for this account. There are also modules on the right that let you view and jump right to the latest releases, view chart info and headlines from FYI Music News, and manage your downloads and playlists.

The Dashboard also serves as a repository for all the DMDS notifications/eNotes you've received. If there's info you need from a DMDS notification you've deleted from your email, you can still view it from your Dashboard. If you have your notification preference set to ‘digest' (more on digests later), you can still view the individual notifications here.

Dashboard Notification

Digest Emails

If you're overwhelmed by the number of DMDS notification emails you receive on a daily basis, we have an easy and convenient solution for you: Simply change your notification frequency preference from ‘immediate' to ‘daily' or ‘weekly'. ‘Daily' will consolidate all your notifications for that day into a single email that still includes pertinent release information and listen buttons. ‘Weekly' will do the same, but you'll only get one notification every Monday morning. Here's how:

  1. Click Preferences from the top-right of your page.
  2. Click the Notification Options tab on your Preferences page.
  3. Change the Notification Frequency dropdown to Daily or Weekly.
  4. Click Save Preferences.
  5. Done!

Notification Options



"This Is It"-Michael Jackson-Sony

"Bad Romance"-Lady Gaga-Universal

"You Don't Belong"-Daughtry-RCA

"Crazy Love"-Michael Bublé-Warner

"Hell"-Tegan and Sara-Warner


Katie Brooks
Coordinator, National Promotions
Sony (Toronto)
Katie Brooks

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys…Do you ever wonder who is filling up your DMDS library with hit releases?

Katie Brooks joined the Sony Music Promotion team in 2007 and has been blasting your inboxes with new music and ‘play this now!' ever since. As the National Promo Coordinator, her key responsibility is to maintain a constant flow of music, info and stats to radio programmers and Sony Canada Reps across the country. “There is constant communication between our department and radio… you see an email or two ☺”. Before joining promo, Katie attended Sheridan College and acquired a Marketing Diploma and a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Relations. It was there that she first connected with Sony Music, taking on an internship in the publicity department. Soon after, she met Warren Copnick and was hired to join the team. "Since joining the Sony Canada Promotion department, Katie has improved both external and internal information systems, and has upgraded our DMDS use to a new level, we are very fortunate to have Katie as part of our team”.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, “to be able to come to work each morning and be surrounded by such artistic and creative personalities, there's never a dull moment. To do this everyday is a gift and thanks to the Promo team for making it so much fun". She also credits the exclusive elements of her position that make her job enjoyable, “being one of the first people in Canada to hear new music and then unleashing it to the rest of the country, is great to be a part of.” When Katie is not running the Promo department or decoding the often cryptic promo speak of Warren Copnick, she enjoys playing sports, exploring the outdoors and of course, listening to music.

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