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DMDS Newsletter #3: Sender

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One-off Contact Additions
Refined Destinations Page
Audiophile Support
Broadcast Video Destinations
Top Downloads & Streams
DMDS User Profile: Katie Brooks

If you have any specific questions you would like us to cover or have any feedback, please let us know by simply replying to this message or email our support staff at

One-off Contact Additions

Based on your feedback, we've added a new feature that makes it faster and easier to make small updates to your private lists. Now you can simply type in the contact's name and email and instantly add them. Here's how:

  2. Click the row of the list you want to add to and select 'Import Contact To List' from the Command menu at the right of the screen.
  3. Enter the contact's first/last name and email then click Submit.
  4. Done!

Import Contact

Refined Destinations Page

You've probably already noticed that we've refined the way the Destinations page looks, feels, and functions. We've made it much easier for you to reference the contents of the various lists, organizations and contacts you add as destinations to a release.

We've also made it easier for you to export the destinations associated with a list via a PDF. You can utilize this for your own records or send out to your reps for review, consideration and follow up.

Export to PDF

Ever wanted to create a list of BDS and Mediabase monitored Alternative stations? Try our new and improved Advanced Search:

  1. Add a list by selecting 'Organizations' from the 'Add Contacts From' dropdown.
  2. Click 'Advanced Search' and select Alternative from the BDS/Mediabase monitored dropdowns and click Search at the top of the window.

You can use the Advanced Search to make instant lists based on geographic location, format, monitored panel, and even by job title (contacts only).

Advanced Search

Audiophile Support

Ever get requests for music as 24bit, 48/96 kHz WAV files (CD audio is 16bit, 44.1kHz)? DMDS has been the only system to deliver completely uncompressed (not even ‘lossless') digital music and now it's the only system compatible with better-than-CD quality and the increased dynamic range lauded by audio quality enthusiasts. Just upload and add your 24bit tracks to releases the same way you would any track, but be careful to whom you send it! 24bit audio isn't playable in most playback software like iTunes or Windows Media Player.

More about 24bit audio:

Broadcast Video Destinations

As previously announced, DMDS is now delivering broadcast-ready music videos to key outlets in North America. We like to think that our solution will eliminate the Beta/DigiBeta and will definitely save you time and money. Television broadcast outlets currently enabled to receive videos via DMDS are:

  • CTV Networks
  • MTV Canada
  • ETalk Now
  • MusiquePlus
  • Glassbox
  • AUX TV
  • Global TV Networks
  • Entertainment Tonight Canada
  • SunTV
  • CMT Canada

US video destinations next issue!

To find out more about digitally servicing your videos, contact your DMDS sales rep, or call 1-866-992-9902 / email



"This Is It"-Michael Jackson-Sony

"Bad Romance"-Lady Gaga-Universal

"You Don't Belong"-Daughtry-RCA

"Crazy Love"-Michael Bublé-Warner

"Hell"-Tegan and Sara-Warner


Katie Brooks
Coordinator, National Promotions
Sony (Toronto)
Katie Brooks

Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters, Alicia Keys…Do you ever wonder who is filling up your DMDS library with hit releases?

Katie Brooks joined the Sony Music Promotion team in 2007 and has been blasting your inboxes with new music and ‘play this now!' ever since. As the National Promo Coordinator, her key responsibility is to maintain a constant flow of music, info and stats to radio programmers and Sony Canada Reps across the country. “There is constant communication between our department and radio… you see an email or two ☺”. Before joining promo, Katie attended Sheridan College and acquired a Marketing Diploma and a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Relations. It was there that she first connected with Sony Music, taking on an internship in the publicity department. Soon after, she met Warren Copnick and was hired to join the team. "Since joining the Sony Canada Promotion department, Katie has improved both external and internal information systems, and has upgraded our DMDS use to a new level, we are very fortunate to have Katie as part of our team”.

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, “to be able to come to work each morning and be surrounded by such artistic and creative personalities, there's never a dull moment. To do this everyday is a gift and thanks to the Promo team for making it so much fun". She also credits the exclusive elements of her position that make her job enjoyable, “being one of the first people in Canada to hear new music and then unleashing it to the rest of the country, is great to be a part of.” When Katie is not running the Promo department or decoding the often cryptic promo speak of Warren Copnick, she enjoys playing sports, exploring the outdoors and of course, listening to music.

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