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DMDS Awards: The Year of 2010

Did you see Lady Gaga wear her raw dinner main as a dress this week? How about Taylor Swifts pathetic excuse of a come back to Kanye West’s outburst last year? The MTV Music Video Awards generally have some entertainment value about them. And oh yeah, there are music video’s too. That’s where we come in, since we aren’t quite known for our fashion sense here at Yangaroo.

MTV used DMDS for the first time this year to support the MTV Music Video Awards. Along with the usual hype of who appeared, performed and what they all wore, what people didn’t know is that we supported the software and systems that made the judging and voting possible.  This included streaming audio and video for the judges via the DMDS Awards System.

We first developed the DMDS Awards System for CARAS and the 2009 JUNOS. It was utilized as an online adjudication and voting management system. The next year we expanded to include online submissions, making it much simpler for the voters and administrators to review all of the music received from Canadian artists.

Our collaboration with CARAS was a tremendous success.  “YANGAROO is an excellent partner that took the time to understand CARAS’ (Canadian Academy of Arts and Science) commitment to sustainability, and customized a solution to meet our needs and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to growing with DMDS over the course of our three-year partnership,” said Brenna Knought, Manager, Awards & Special Events.The experience gained working on the JUNOS provided an excellent foundation for a similar collaboration with the NARAS for the 2010 Grammy Awards.

"For quite some time now, we have been working diligently to move the entire GRAMMY voting process to a digital platform, and DMDS provides the proven and tested solution we have been looking for," said Neil Portnow, President/CEO of The Recording Academy. "We are pleased to partner with an industry leader like YANGAROO as we streamline our operations and move closer to our digital strategy goals, which include providing an online listening function for our voting members."

More recently, both the Western Canadian Music Awards and the PEAK Performance Project utilized an adapted version of the DMDS Awards System to manage their submission and voting procedures.

Interested in learning more about the DMDS Awards product?  Visit our website at or call a DMDS Sales Rep at 1.888.992.9902.

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