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Top Downloads & Most Active Indies – Week of July 6th, 2015

Top Downloads:

  1. The Sheepdogs “Downtown” (Warner)
  2. Pharrell Williams “Freedom” (Sony)
  3. Alan Jackson “Jim And Jack And Hank” (Universal)
  4. Demi Lovato “Cool For The Summer” (Safehouse/Island/Hollywood Records/Universal)
  5. Janet Jackson “No Sleeep” (Universal)
  6. Nathan Sykes “Kiss Me Quick” (Universal)
  7. Daniel Wesley “Rub” (Beachgrove Records/RPMpromotion) *also #7 MAI
  8. A Thousand Horses “(This Ain't No) Drunk Dial” (Republic Nashville/Universal)
  9. Selena Gomez “Good For Yo” (Universal)
  10. Shinedown “Cut The Cord” (Warner)

Top Downloads are the most downloaded Singles during the given period.

Most Active Indies:

  1. Daniel Wesley “Rub” (Beachgrove Records/RPMpromotion) *also #7 TD
  2. The Lazys “Black Rebel” (Pheromone/Bumstead/RPMpromotion)
  3. Conscious Rednecks “One Shot At A Time” (Indie/Voodoohead Productions)
  4. Rah Rah “Chip Off The Heart” (Hidden Pony/Canvas Promo)
  5. Jocelyn Alice “Jackpot” (Indie/Tandemtracks)
  6. Jojo Mason “It’s All Good” (Manicdown/R. Chubey Promo)
  7. Jason Blaine “Travelin' Light” (eOne Music/Stark Ravings)
  8. The Weeknd “Can’t Feel My Face” (XO/DMD Promo)
  9. The Game “100” f/Drake (Marquis Artists/eOne Music)
  10. Erin Hill “Looking” (Indie/RDR)

Most Active Indies are the most streamed and downloaded Singles during the given period on releases not directly promoted to radio by any of the 'major' record companies.

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