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1. Doc Walker - From Here (Open Road)

2. Victoria Banks w/ Jason Blaine - Don't Leave That Leavin' (On Ramp/EMI)

3. Carolyn Dawn Johnson - The Whole Thing (Road Angel)

4. Trevor Panczak - She's Everything You Want (Big Baby T)

5. High Valley - On The Combine (Open Road)

6. Jamie Warren - What's Killin' Me (Fontana North/Stark Ravings Promo)

7. Deric Ruttan - That's How I Wanna Go Out (Black T/Stark Ravings Promo)

8. Jaydee Bixby - Can't Ask For More Than That (On Ramp/EMI)

8. Alex J. Robinson - Girly Girl (Thorniac/MDM/Conveyor/Lauren Tutty Promo)

10. John Landry - Everybody Wants To Be A Redneck (Tangents North/Lauren Tutty Promo)

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