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We Want to Hear About Your Success! Participate & Get Up to $300 in DMDS Credit!

Valentine’s Day is coming and we’d like to spread some love… come on! Everyone likes to be loved – and we’re not the exception. Let us explain.

From major and small labels, to other music professionals and indies, we deliver thousands and thousands (and thousands) of videos and singles every year, and a good chunk (thousands) of those music releases get not only reviewed, but placed and featured by important and/or significant music destinations.

For example, virtually most of the music broadcasted in Canada by radio and TV networks – and watched on national TV in United States – gets delivered with DMDS. And if you know your stuff about music networks, you must recognize that important music destinations focus not only on artists signed by major labels, but also love to play music from indies!

Now, we know that Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Coldplay, Maroon 5 or any big celebrities probably won’t have the time to write about how effective we are. However, we know that thanks to DMDS, thousands of indies get discovered and placed every year via DMDS – and those are the guys we specially love, and from whom we would like to  spread the love about.

What do you have to do? And where can you send us the love/success story?

Simple! If the music and/or video you’ve delivered to broadcasters via DMDS has received airplay on radio or TV, show us some love by writing us your success story in our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram channels.

What will you get?

Nothing! True love is about giving and expecting nothing in return … kidding! We’re not that cheesy and unfair. That said, here are the prizes:

  1. $300 DMDS credit to the best success story
  2. $200 DMDS credit to the second best story
  3. $100 DMDS credit to the third best story

How will it work?

We’ll choose the best three stories based on:

  1. testimonials with hashtag #DMDSsuccess
  2. testimonials with the most likes, comments, shares, re-tweets;
  3. whether you’re a DMDS fan/follower on one OR multiple of our social media channels;
  4. truthfulness, authenticity, and originality;
  5. valuable content;
  6. grammar and spelling (yes, it matters!)

* Rules and conditions apply

  • Contest dates: January 28th, 2015 to February 26th, 2015
  • Entries must be related to the nature of the contest, and clearly written
  • The YANGAROO DMDS Team will use its best judgment and discernment to make this contest fair and transparent as much as possible. Any suspicious statement, fraudulent or false testimonials will be discarded
  • YANGAROO DMDS has the right to permanently use/quote any entered testimonials for any type marketing purposes
  • Valid Facebook entries MUST be made on the YANGAROO DMDS Facebook page
  • Valid Twitter entries MUST be made on the YANGAROO DMDS Twitter page
  • Valid Instagram entries MUST be made on the YANGAROO DMDS Instagram page
  • YANGAROO DMDS does not assume any responsibility or rights to posts or uploaded material: participants will be fully liable for the statements / uploaders maintain 100% ownership of their master recordings, publishing, and songwriting credits. By uploading content, you agree to indemnify and hold YANGAROO and its subsidiaries, affiliates, agents, representatives, employees, directors, officers or partners harmless from any claim or demand including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of any Media you upload to the Site, your use of the Service, your connection to the Service, your violation of these T&C or your violation of the rights of any party
  • The YANGAROO DMDS is not responsible and liable for the statements entered or material each contestant upload.  It includes but is not limited to copyrights infringement, dislikes, negative comments, missed entries -- or even system issues (for example, Facebook banning a post, or a tweet getting deleted, etc.)
  • Contest is only available to past/existing DMDS users/clients
  • DMDS credits are not transferable or redeemable in cash (must be redeemed within 6 months of winning date)
  • To be eligible for any prize, contestants must answer correctly a simple skill-mathematical question
  • The YANGAROO DMDS Team reserves the right to add and change the rules -- and cancel this contest at any time
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