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Top Downloads & Most Active Indies – Week of Mar. 31st, 2014

Top Downloads:

  1. The Black Keys “Fever” (Warner)
  2. Serena Ryder “Heavy Love” (Universal/RPM Promo) *also #1 MAI
  3. Theo “When You’re Not Around” (Warner)
  4. Passenger “Scare Away The Dark” (Sony)
  5. Lady Gaga “G.U.Y.” (Streamline/Interscope/Universal)
  6. Lorde “Glory And Gore” (Universal)
  7. Capital Cities “One Minute More” (Universal)
  8. Kira Isabella “Quarterback” (Sony)
  9. Skrillex “Recess” (Warner)
  10. Avenged Sevenfold “This Means War” (Warner)

*Top Downloads are the most downloaded Singles in the given period

Most Active Indies:

  1. Serena Ryder “Heavy Love” (Universal/RPM Promo) *also #2 TD
  2. Tommy Roumanas “She Keeps Me (Rockin’)” (Pacific)
  3. 50 Cent “Don’t Worry Bout It” (G Unit)
  4. The Darcys “Horses Fell” (Arts & Crafts/Canvas Promo)
  5. Sisters “Animal In Me” (Indie)
  6. Chromeo “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” (Last Gang/Frontside Promo)
  7. Ryan Laird “Love’s Long Gone” (On Ramp/Stark Ravings Promo)
  8. Shane Chisholm “Blow Away” (Chisholm Music/Last Tango Promo)
  9. Tim McMorris “Dream Again” (King’s Crown)
  10. Darcy Hjelsvold “Knew You When” (Indie/L. Tutty Promo)

*Most Active Indies are the most streamed and downloaded Singles in the given period on releases not directly promoted by any of the major record companies

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