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The DMDS library: better, faster, stronger

Yesterday, DMDS unleashed the latest addition to its patented digital delivery system for radio and television broadcasters. Log into your account and you’ll see a new and improved library where you can find releases and orders much faster than before, plus you can download any file without leaving your search results page.

Search by music tracks, video orders, or any file name

Radio stations can directly search ISRC codes for any DMDS release. So if you’re missing information for your log files at the end of the month, we can help you with that. Just sign into your DMDS account at any hour of the day, on any day of the week, on any week of the year, and get all the release information straight from the label.

Are you an advertising agency like The Gary Group, a television station like WABC, or a cable network like MTV Networks? If you’re working in a Master Control Room at a television station, for example, you’ll be able to quickly search any ISCI or AdID number to find the order with the video or audio file that you need to broadcast. We’ll even send it to you in a format you already use, complete with any timecoding or closed captioning from the studio or production house.

Download it all from one spot

Download a file directly from a release without ever leaving your library page. The new and improved Preview pane on the top-right of your library now has download and play buttons. Highlight any release you want and you’ll see any audio and video files. You can even pick which video format you want to download!

Your track title is how long? Yeah, we can handle that

Okay, we probably won’t see many long track titles like Pink Floyd’s “Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict” again, but you never know. So we gave you the ability to expand the track list and hide all of the information panes on the right hand side of your library page. You might not see the entire title, but you’ll see more of it than ever before.

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