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Music Video Outlet Packages Available Now

We've Got Music Video Outlet Packages For Everyone!We've Got Packages For Everyone!

Everyone loves getting packages this time of year. We love giving them! That's why we've created seven new packages of Music Video Outlets based on type (TV Channels/Shows, Retail/VJ Content Providers, Online Streaming Sites) and genre (Pop/Multi-Genre, Country, Rock/Pop, Urban, Country, Hard Rock/Metal, Latin). Each package is priced lower than selecting each destination separately, and has been carefully curated to ensure you're delivering your video content to an active and meaningful promotional video outlet.

Looking to make sure your video is considered by outlets like Havoc TVBounce TV? Or the services that provide content to retailers like Footlocker, Champs, American Eagle, movie theatres etc. like In-Store Sports NetworkDMX Music? Or how about online tastemakers like Pukekos, and Yahoo Music? We have the right music video outlet packages for you.

Specifically, here's what's available, with prices:

Here's how to select the packages:
    1. When creating/editing your video release, jump to the DESTINATIONS tab
    2. In the 'search' field under 'Public Lists' enter 'package'
    3. Select the package(s) of your choice and send away!

Questions? Looking for more information or how to acquire a DMDS Pro account to deliver/submit music video to TV broadcasters and other promo outlets?



Call: 1-855-534-0607

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