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5 Approaches To Get Better Results Using YANGAROO, powered by DMDS

If you have a Pro Account, you might increase views,
streams and downloads by editing, updating, and resubmitting
your release as many times as you want.

That said, we recommend the following 5 approaches:

  1. For those with a Direct or Pro Account, watch and listen carefully to these essential and VERY IMPORTANT tips:

    Click here for an impartial non-DMDS approach about how to follow up with radio. You can email for more tips about reaching out to radio.

  2. For those with a Pro Account (see also points 3 & 4), if needed, edit and update your release: Based on the reports and/or feedback you get when following up, go back and change/update your promo, template, pics, or whatever you think might help you to get a better impact or a more appealing release. For instance, long descriptions/biographies usually isn’t a great idea. Typically MP’s and PD’s prefer short info with impressive numbers or specific data; for example, a simple sentence such as “Check this song with ‘X thousand/million views on YouTube” or “Currently being rotated in X station/s with X number of spins.”

  3. Bump up your release to the first positions of your destinations’ YANGAROO Music Library: This could be a very simple and powerful tip to increase the exposure of your music without spamming with your release (we suggest not to do it more than every two or three days). Go to your Sent release > Edit > on the main tab click on “Schedule”> under “Release/Stream Date”, make sure “Available Now” and “Use Release Date” is chosen – then simply press Save.

  4. Send e-notifications: The same instructions from step number three, but instead of Save, press “Save & Notify”, and – before you hit Send – make sure you’ve checked “Allow Streaming from Notifications” and “Allow Download from Notifications.” We’d advise not to send more than one e-notification per week because music broadcasters don’t like to be spammed or overwhelmed with music requests.

  5. Keep us posted: While we do our best to update our databases, our primary promise is to make sure we can provide all the technology required to deliver digital releases in a professional level – but remember, we’re just the “delivery guys”. It means: (A.) DMDS is NOT a marketing or promotional company so we don't guarantee ANY reviews, approvals, or placements; and (B.), the database we provide is an added featured, where we don’t guarantee 100% accuracy (if in your follow ups, you or your music tracker/promoter discovers inconsistent data from our database, please inform us specific details so we can check and, if needed, properly update those records: for example, a music destination no longer engaged with DMDS, a new name of contact or new position, new call-letters, etc.)
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