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Video: SD/HD, NTSC/PAL Check
Auto Download
Upload/Download File Verification
Download Speed Improvements
Bug Fixes

New DMDS App (5.0.3) for Windows:

Video: SD/HD, NTSC/PAL Support – The DMDS App can now determine the types of video files being uploaded based on crucial file format and codec related pieces of information. This helps determine a specific workflow or process for the files and ensures that they are delivered to the recipients in the correct formats.

Auto Download – The DMDS App can automatically download all new releases sent to you, without having to manually add them to your download bin. Just turn the Auto Download option on in the DMDS App and log in. We’ll take care of the rest.

Download Improvement – Streamlined download manager, improves the speed of delivery.

File verification – Downloaded files are now cross checked to make sure there were no errors in the transfer.

DMDS Website Updates

There was previously an issue with Digest Emails. This issue has been corrected and all digest emails should be received with no problems.

We are constantly striving to improve your DMDS experience. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please email


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