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Latest Updates to DMDS

Latest Updates

Stream Albums and Videos from DMDS Notifications
Comments & Approvals
Web Based Video Downloads
Private List Imports
ExploreMusic Feed

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Stream Albums and Videos from DMDS Notifications

Would you like to listen to an album or watch the video that was sent to you on DMDS without having to log in to your DMDS Library? Now you can. Just click the ‘Play Now’ button in your DMDS notification, when it is available, and you’ll be streaming the audio or video in your web browser.

Email Email Stream
Play Now button in notification Video playing in web browser

Comments & Approvals

Comments & Approvals is a completely private method in which the recipient of a release can communicate with the sender, within the DMDS website.

Comments Module

Here are just a few examples of how Comments & Approvals can be utilized;

  • A single sent to radio has been added for airplay
  • A broadcast video has not met technical requirements and adjustments need to be made
  • A television station has questions about their traffic instructions for a specific advertising flight

These comments will be completely private and only visible within the sender’s organization.

Web Based Video Downloads

You can now directly download MPG formatted videos from the DMDS website. These files are ideal for organizations or teams that do not require the full broadcast quality version of the file (i.e. for DVD, online playback, etc.). Click the Downloadbutton to download the video via your web browser (quality of file may vary between 8-15 mbit depending on the source material).

Download Area
Web based video downloads

While this improvement allows you to download the video in one mouse click, the DMDS App is still the only way to download if you’re looking for faster download speeds or you need an MXF/50mbps file.

Private List Imports

Do you create private destination lists by importing your own contacts to receive content on DMDS? Now the process includes error checking that allows you to correct typing errors on the fly!

List Import Screen

What's New?

  • You're now able to import a list of users to your existing private lists on DMS.
  • When you use our template for the CSV files, the fields are automatically linked when you import the file.
  • We've improved error handling so we now show you the number of good entries and the number of bad entries, before you import the list.
  • You can now instantly edit imported data with any corrections. No more editing your source file and importing it again.


Generating reports for your releases is now a much faster and easier experience with the improved search capabilities in DMDS Reporting.


Reports Page

We have added;

  • Auto-Select - Just start typing the name of your release and DMDS will who you possible matches.
  • Select multiple releases by separating each entry with a semi-colon.
  • More reports are now available to track your releases.

ExploreMusic Feed

The ExploreMusic Feed is available on the DMDS Dashboard and is a portal that provides context and recommendations for music exploration and discovery. Curated by Alan Cross, ExploreMusic is also the destination for exclusive interviews with rocks biggest stars and the exciting up and comers.


ExploreMusic Module

About ExploreMusic:

ExploreMusic is a new web and radio service dedicated exclusively to music discovery. Hosted by Alan Cross, Canada's pre-eminent new rock expert and longtime host of The Ongoing History of New Music, ExploreMusic offers a resource for context, recommendation and artist/music exploration.

By leveraging the success of Canada's top two music documentary radio features - The Ongoing History of New Music and The Legends of Classic Rock - ExploreMusic features the latest music news and opinion, interviews with established and emerging artists, behind-the-scenes information, technology and a host of other music-related topics. We combine the power and reach of radio with the unlimited potential of the internet, connecting rock fans with music and each other.

For more about ExploreMusic visit:

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