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A Bright Future for Musicians in 5 Steps

The music industry seems to be finally getting ready to see the beginning of a new paradigm based on some fresh business models. These business approaches have a lot more to do with real people planning to deliver real value to the user, and less to do with big companies or artists seeking gigantic profits.

That said, if you’re a music artist here are a few points you should consider:

1. Focus on the Product

As an artist, your mood-state should be all the time about doing what you like and showing the world that unique and talented way you have to express your passion through the art of music. For a true artist, money shouldn’t be the central focus. And if you’re an artist in need of money, multitasking and creativity is a must!

2. You must fail in order to learn

Focus not only on creating approaches, but also measuring and analyzing results to later gauge what venues are valuable, how effective your music is at delivering a message, and how talented you are as a musician. As Ian Hogarth, Founder of Songkick said once at the SF MusicTech Summit 2012: “Be patient, because it will take a lot longer than you think, but it will also be the most fun thing you do.”

3. Understand the Value of Free Content

With all the recent success stories surrounding the power of giving away high-quality music, it seems that many people are finding a different way to “conquer and flirt” with the heart of many potential fans and supporters. When people find an independent sound or music that they love, they tend to feel a personal commitment.

4. Content Value is King

Complementing previous points, the main reason why the music industry it's suffering a dramatic change is because the lack of value that music fans are experiencing in their content - not to mention the lack of value in their relationships with the music artists who are providing that content. Determining what real value your music has to offer, will determine your path and success.

5. DMDS one of the easiest and most effective doors you might want to knock on

We at DMDS are very optimist about the role we have in the music industry – especially with the emerging talent. We’re the connecting dots between the key decision-makers at many radio and TV networks, and those independent artists that don’t want or count with the support of the “middle guy.” Once you use our services, chances are you‘ll get a sense of what you have – or what you might be missing as an artist – and if you combine that feedback with all the above points, the sky will be the limit!

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