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Being Successful with Online Music Marketing

You’re an artist and you just recorded a new song, what’s the first thing you do? Upload the song to YouTube and let the world watch it for free.  This can be a great way to way to get people listening to your music, and to build your fan base, but of course getting paid for all this is the end goal.

 The first step to making money is to make your own website that has a musical store, which can be surprisingly easy and cost effective to set up. Next, you have to get some merchandise! If fans can listen to your music on YouTube for free, chances are they aren’t going to pay to download the song, so think of some other creative things to sell. T-Shirts are great for a number of reasons, first because when fans are wearing the shirts they become walking billboards advertising your band, second because they can be cheap to make if you shop around, and third because it becomes a great impulse buy for fans who just saw you play and loved it.

The next step is to market your new website and store. In the description of your YouTube video, put links to your Facebook and Twitter pages, so when your site is ready, you are already connected to all your fans, and one tweet can make you some serious money!

 Another thing you might want to do is include the shipping cost in the price of the item, and then advertise Free Shipping! People generally don’t buy things online because they have to pay extra for shipping, but just saying free shipping makes the buyer think they are getting a deal.

 Last but not least, if you any help with additional with promotion, hire a marketing company and/ or – if you’re a DMDS client – ask us for an advice or help creating buzz about your music. If you're not a DMDS client, sign up and count with our support!

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