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Yangaroo releases leading edge Video Quality Control Utility

At a series of live demonstrations at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas, Yangaroo CTO Richard Klosa demonstrated the new Quality Control utility available via the DMDS Manager software for both PC and Mac.

The free tool, designed in collaboration with Niagara College and funded in part through Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario allows DMDS customers immediate feedback on the quality or potential issues associated with video files being prepared for upload and delivery to broadcasters via the DMDS platform.

The tool checks for a series of common errors identified by the Yangaroo team over several years of experiencing in servicing thousands of music videos and commercials to broadcasters.  It includes a series of complex algorithms that analyze the Chrominance and Luminance of a video, the correct layout and volume of audio tracks and compliance with new audio loudness standards.

“We want to provide our users (creative agencies and production houses) with immediate feedback on the files they are uploading”, said Richard Klosa, CTO Yangaroo/DMDS Inc.  “If the uploader knows about an issue instantly, it can be fixed without delay and not requiring the normal back and forth communications from multiple parties collaborating on the delivery of broadcast media.”

The tool is available and integrated into the latest version of the DMDS Manager application and can be download by users from the company website at

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