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How to release your music everywhere

You’re an independent, amateur or inspiring musician and want to release your music, but don’t know where to start and what your options are? Well, you’re not alone! Actually, recently we came across with a similar post from a website called LifeHacker, so we thought of sharing with you their insights along a more complete guide in order to help you release your music.

That said, one of the only few options you had a few years ago was to get involved setting up a Myspace profile and throwing some music on. Fortunately, times have changed and nowadays you have many great options and tools. Even without a record company behind you, here are some recommendations you might want to consider to reach “tune lovers” and music supporters.

Retail online music distribution

Want to provide your music for “free”?

Soundcloud: Soundcloud is the easiest to use free music upload service. It takes just a couple clicks to upload a song and once you do, you can embed your music everywhere. You can allow people to download it, stream it, and if you choose you can even allow people to remix it. It's also a free way to connect with other musicians, follow artists you like, and create a small community around your songs. But the biggest appeal? You can allow people to comment anywhere in the song. This means you'll get personalized feedback on each section of your song. It's hard to get used to all the criticism, but it will help you improve in the long run.

Reverb Nation: If there's an equivalent to Myspace out there right now, it's Reverb Nation. Reverb Nation allows you to put tracks online for streaming and showcase your bio and upcoming shows. It's a bit clunky to look at, but it's free and gets the job done.

Want to let people pay whatever they want?

Bandcamp is free to use for musicians and allows you to set your price for your album or let people pay whatever they want. Unlike Soundcloud, you also get better (and more) options for tagging your songs and tracks so people can find you based on your location, music type, or even mood. Here, people can download your songs in a number of formats and qualities, including high-quality FLAC files. If you're releasing a whole album, you get a nice, minimal landing page where people can stream or download the songs.
: Very straight forward! Just include your Pay Pal link wherever you’re posting your downloadable music, ask for contributions and wait for results.

Want to a set a price and sell your music with the biggest online retailers?

TuneCore and CD Baby: Many independent musicians would agree that the two most recommended services for this are. For about 40 bucks both of these services will upload and sell your music on Amazon, iTunes, Beatport, Facebook, eMusic, and a host of other stores. You retain your rights to your music, but they handle the submission process.

Google Music: If you're interested in selling music through these guys, you pay a one-time fee of $25. Once you pay the fee, you can upload as many songs or albums as you want.

Radio and TV distribution services

DMDS: This service (our service!) delivers the highest quality of audio music and music videos. DMDS is used by professionals for radio and video distribution and promotion to broadcasters, radio programmers, journalists, and other industry influencers anywhere in the world. It is super fast, highly secured and economical (a factor especially important for independent musicians!) All it takes is a simple click of the mouse and DMDS delivers your broadcast-quality files to “key-decision makers.” See exactly how our service works!

Physical distribution: Well, if you click on the link, you will notice it sends you right back you to this post. Why? The answer is simple: there isn’t a search result you can find online related to this query. Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself, spend a few minutes doing it and then please let us you what you find. Even though physical distribution might be a waste of time and money, it’s still an option.  All you need to have in mind are the costs of buying CD’s, DigiBeta or HD Cam tapes, paying a production company for putting your stuff there, packing and shipping it to a bunch of destinations – not to mention the time, getting the contacts info and making sure it gets to the “key-decision makers” at radio stations and TV networks across United States and Canada.

Full-format distribution

INgrooves is a global digital distribution and music licensing company that provides various distribution, marketing, publishing and administrative services for selected independent record labels and recording artists. Ingrooves has relationships with the media and mobile and online download retailers such as, eMusic, iTunes, and Rhapsody. They offer access to distribution channels Rdio and Spotify, and mobile products including ringtones and ringbacks.

Last, but not least: Spread it out!

Social media: Make sure you send it to friends, post it on social networks, and seed it out to as many places as possible.

Hype Machine: this service scans through so you can get an idea of places who might be interested in linking to your songs.

Music discovery services for a few more ideas for places to submit your music. People are out there who want to find your music; you just have to make it as easy as possible for them.

Exfm and Since people aren't always going to come searching for your music on their own, you need to make it accessible and easy to find. These two are discovery engines where people can find your music by accident.

Do you have more ideas, approaches or options? Please share them with us!

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