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DATAROCK: Not Just a Clever Name.

Our special post of this week goes to the awesome Norwegian band DATAROCK because they not only rock, but also because they’re the perfect example of how fun and creativity can set apart some musicians from the others - even in the fight against piracy and the current slump in the music business!

These rockers from DATAROCK released a “single” last year, which came in the form of a designed toy loaded with tons of extra media. The three inch figurine, designed by Brian Flynn at Super 7, comes in the shape of a small red diamond with arms, legs and a face. The toy’s treasure, however, is concealed within, in the form of a small DATAROCK USB pen - literally data rock. This pen contains DATAROCK’s new single “Catcher in the Rye”, the new EP “California”, 105 bonus tracks, 1500 photos, 20 music videos, and a 60 minute concert film and is being sold for approximately USD 50 bucks.…

But, many people would ask, does anyone need this much of a band in their life?

Of course! Again, these guys rock! For example, his latest single “California” is now spinning 30-35 times a week on mtvU – it was just added to their Magna Cum Laude rotation! If you haven’t done it, take a look and listen to DATAROCK because they are a remarkable band that is extremely good, fun, real.

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