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6/9/2009 9:00:00 AM

TORONTO, CANADA – YANGAROO Inc. (TSX-V: YOO, OTC: YOOIF), the industry's leading secure digital media distribution company, announced that it has signed a commercial agreement with a U.S. based multi-national, NYSE-listed Fortune 500 company to use YANGAROO’s patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) to securely deliver pre-release music and audio files from the company’s television shows to custom lists of internal recipients and external destinations.

YANGAROO’s DMDS is a web-based delivery system which replaces the physical distribution of broadcast-quality music and audio, allowing both to be digitally and securely sent and received. DMDS provides user-friendly security for digital content by employing biometrics, encryption, and watermarking. For each show or segment of a show, YANGAROO’s DMDS will allow a custom group of recipients, including producers, editors, choreographers, dancers, actors, and others, to be selected and securely sent music and/or audio from specific segments or scenes. These recipients can then either stream or download the audio for preparation, pre-production, production, or post-production.

“Our newest customer was attracted to DMDS because of the ease of use combined with advanced security features. They have a well deserved reputation as a leading innovator and we are delighted to have them implement DMDS 5.0,” said John Heaven, President and CEO of YANGAROO Inc. “Not only will DMDS provide secure distribution of music files, but we expect this usage to expand into the secure delivery of streaming and broadcast quality video. DMDS provides a more efficient, environmentally-friendly, and less expensive method for doing so.”


YANGAROO's patented Digital Media Distribution System (DMDS) is a leading secure B2B digital delivery solution for the music and advertising industries. DMDS is a web-based delivery system that pioneers secure digital file distribution by incorporating biometrics, high-value encryption and watermarking. DMDS replaces the physical distribution of musical recordings and advertising to radio, media, retailers and other authorized recipients with more accountable, effective, and far less costly digital delivery of broadcast quality media via the Internet.

YANGAROO's DMDS has made over six million deliveries of over 21,000 songs from more than 600 record labels to destinations which include radio stations representing over 35 U.S. broadcast chains. U.S. record labels made over 2 million deliveries of songs via DMDS in 2008. DMDS is the only system that can digitally deliver music across the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

YANGAROO has offices in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and London, U.K. YANGAROO trades on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol YOO and in the U.S. under OTCBB:YOOIF. For further information, please contact John Heaven at 905-763-3553 or visit

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