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DMDS Profile: Saidah Baba Talibah

Saidah Baba Talibah is a Canadian born rocker with a powerful, raunchy and soulful voice, who comes from a family of musicians.  Her mother, Salome Bey is an internationally known Tony and Grammy nominated singer/actress and also her main inspiration. Saidah first entered the Toronto music scene with a soul/rock group called Blaxäm, and was featured on their EP, Kiss My Afro.

After Blaxäm broke up, and before embarking on her solo music career, Saidah participated in a number of events such as a featured vocalist at the Quincy Jones Gala, provided backup vocals for three seasons of Canadian Idol, artists like Jully Black, Divine Brown and has recently toured with Canadian multi-platinum country singer Johnny Reid.  In the last couple years Saidah has made a name of herself in Toronto with her explosive performances and has taken her show around the world to the UK, US, Singapore, and France.

Her debut album (S)Cream has been recognized by a number of magazines and websites like NOW, Exclaim, and AOL Spinner. Her latest video ‘So Cool’, debuted in the United States as the AOL Spinner Video of the Day. Recently, Saidah’s single, ‘Revolution’ has been used in the Chevrolet Volt commercial and recently been added to number of radio stations across Canada. We had a chance to speak with Saidah Baba Talibah about her progress so far and her future plans.

 1. You’ve been often described as a storyteller through your music. What influences you to share your experiences through your songs?

Well, I always have to first mention my mother as my main influence for everything that I do, why I do it and how I do it.  She was my teacher; I got to watch her all of the time -- in clubs, on concert stages with orchestras, in theatre plays.  But outside of her, life influences me to share.  When I’m passionate about something, you’ll see the bull headed Saidah come out, so why not write songs?

2. You seem very well rooted with the Toronto art and music scene. What do you think makes Canadian music different from music anywhere else?

In Canada we really have the luxury, opportunity and honour to have the world in our country.  We get to taste the world, on so many different levels -- food, culture, music, language.  And especially in Toronto, it really is so diverse here.

3. What’s your favourite part about being a musician, the process of making the music or actually performing it?

I really do love both, but I would say I much prefer being onstage interacting with my band and the different energies in the audience -- it always changes, you know?

4. How did your band, Solrawkestra, come together?

Well, I’m a little bit of a drama queen sometimes and what better way to support my drama then to have an orchestra?  So I really started thinking about what I wanted my band to look and sound like -- messing with orchestral instruments like tuba and cello and putting them into a rock band, making them integral pieces to the puzzle.  So I literally put an ad on craigslist and found my sousaphonist/tuba player there and the remainder of the musicians came through recommendations or having played together before.

5. How has DMDS helped you?

They’ve helped service my music to television and radio outlets, effectively exposing my music to new audiences and growing my fanbase.

-For more information about Saidah Baba Talibah, visit her website:





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