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DMDS Profile: Sean Guerrier De Bey / World Live Music Group

Sean Guerrier De Bey founded the record label World Live Music in 2009 along with his Partner and wife Kino Kiongivi. Before starting WLM, De Bey began his business career working with Island Def Jam Records and Def Jam Recordings at the age of 15. De Bey has worked alongside some of the greatest recording artists of our generation including Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Kanye West and many more. De Bey has recently achieved the ability to distribute his artists’ records worldwide, which has been very successful. This year, De Bey’s artist King Phaze featured in Billy Ray Cyrus’s band Brother Clyde’s song entitled ‘Lately’, as well as producing Kino Kiongivi’s second album ‘Go’. We had the opportunity to chat with Sean and asked him some questions about his work so far.

1) Was being in the Music Industry at such a young age a challenge for you?

It sure was. No one understood someone my age being in the music industry. I was told many times that I was just too young for the business side of things. Kendal Freeman & Steve Carless gave me my start at Island Def Jam Records working in the mix show promotions department my alias was “Official”. We all had one and that’s what the DJ’s called me when visiting the labels. It was challenging, but it was a battle that I had won because many people genuinely loved me and I loved them back. If you’re going to win in this business just be yourself and the light will guide you TRUST ME..

2) You have gotten a lot of opportunities to work with a wide range of artists, which got you recognized by other big record producers like L.A. Reid, Phil Robinson and Jeff Robinson. Have they given you any important advice to help continue your strong success in the music industry?

I would like to say that it was an honor working with such talented & intelligent music executives. They never really spoke much, they did speak when a project was a success and they told me that I must be the best at what I do and strive for the results PERIOD and anything else is failure. If an album’s sales are below expected projections and you did everything you could to work that record, you were successful - you only failed when you never tried. Now when many different successful executives tell you the same thing it must be true. What I liked about L.A Reid was his ability to take any situation whether it was good or bad and make it impeccable. That period for Def Jam was a very powerful one and I will never forget it.

3) How did the WLM label come about?

Well after I decided to move on with my career I felt this need to help Independent artist reach their goals of becoming a major success in the business, so me and my wife Mianahliyah (Kino Kiongivi) decided to start our own company without calling out for favors and help. We structured a full label module that was just as sturdy as the other Independent/ Major labels  My wife also has a history in the business as a singer/ business woman who has toured the world from the UK to China, German, New Zealand she is my secret weapon, a very intelligent woman and I love her so much. 2012 is exciting for us it will be our first year of self distribution we are also teaming up with a good friend of mine “ Don Stone” – (WU Tang)  for his L76 Entertainment   and  50/50 Konvict Muzik  the independent label of Konvict Muzik Credentials (Akon).

4)      So far you have seven artists signed to your label including your wife Kino Kiongivi, and King Phaze who is well known in the music business. What kind of success do you expect from them?

I expect for them to give it the best they ever had, they have been working in the studio so hard for the last year and I am so proud of them I can’t wait for the world to hear K.kiongivi’s voice they are going to be amazed. And as for King Phaze the brother has got talent. Billy Ray Cyrus felt the same way and they made a great record together. We may even have another Billy Ray record on phaze’s album 2012.

5) What other artists are you affiliated with, or hope to be affiliated with?

That’s a great question. We have a very good relationship with Styles p, Jadakiss, Swiss Beats, DMX, and a lot of other well known musicians. I would love to work with Brian McKnight,  Lady Gaga,  Susan Boyle, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston & Lionel Richie I’m very close to getting in the studio with 3 of the one’s I named above LOL.

6) As a new DMDS Pro member, how will our service help you and your label?

I have gotten so many headaches trying to keep my contacts gathered in order and it just does not work the way it should everyone gets confused on who to contact and their exact locations and spending so much on sending out content has driven me Looney Tunes. DMDS Pro really offers a record executive the tools they need to stay in the game. I have never seen a platform so well put together and so now when it comes to my content delivery, I’m home with DMDS Pro.

For more information about World Live Music & Distributions, visit their website:

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