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New Music Video Show in L.A.: Video Hotmix TV on KCAL-9

Video Hotmix TV is launching on KCAL-9 on October 1st with Joe Smith (LA Lakers Forward and Hip Hop Artist) hosting.  Each week will have a celebrity guest host like 50 Cent, YG, Snoop and more to be scheduled.

Episodes will include:
* Celebrity interviews
* Music news and information
* The Video Hotmix "Top Five Videos of the week"
* The "Hot Pick" of the week

Video Hotmix is looking for the hottest music videos in the world of Hip Hop/R&B and Pop/Rhythmic music! Submit your videos by searching by Organizations when adding destinations to your release, or selecting the Music Video Outlets - Urban/Hip Hop (USA) DMDS List.

Video Hotmix TV Demo:

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