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New features galore! Create SD videos from HD masters in the cloud, and lots more…

It's been a long hot summer in Toronto, and despite lots of well-deserved vacation time, we've been able to churn out some key system upgrades and added features.   From HD to SD video conversion, faster and easier metadata updating and copying,  and giant image release notifications... have a look below for details on how your life has just become easier.

Convert HD to SD in the Cloud

Many customers have an HD master they want to deliver to most broadcasters, but still need an SD version to send to others. This work can now be done with the click of a button…and it maintains the closed captions in the Master file as well!

Bulk Metadata Updating

Updating lots of data for a number of different audio/video files? Uploaded a CD you need to update? That work used to require the DMDS Manager, but can now be completed quickly and easily from the website in the File Manager.

Copy Metadata from One Asset to Another

Nobody likes data entry…that's why we've made it easier to move metadata from your First Submission to your Final Submission or from a Draft videos to a Final.

First Submission, Re-Submission and Final Submission Data

We've added a way to help identify the status of your video submission to various broadcasters that require an internal standards review for approval. You can see this information from the Preview Panel in your library.

Edit HouseID and Status From the Library Page

We like less page loads and clicking - so we've added the ability to update the HouseID and Review Status of an item right from your Library.

Only Update New Destinations When Adding to a Release

We've made it faster and easier to add and notify new Destinations only for a Release. Add the Organization or Contact and select whether you want to notify everyone or just the new person added.

New BIG Image Template

We're in the midst of adding new templating options to the system. For now, we've given you a template with a large feature image at the top. Works for both Notifications and your Release Details page in your library.

Manager Auto Download QC and HouseID Checks

Connected to DMDS via the DMDS Manager application? You have a number of new options to control the automatic delivery of content to your station.

Manager Data Integrations

Is your DMDS Manager connected to your Data or Automation systems? It should be. We continue to add support for new vendors all the time. Recent additions include Harris Automation as well as Avid Sundance.

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