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After the Smoke talks about winning The Freshmen contest on MTVU

After the Smoke duo imageAfter the Smoke is a Florida-based alternative Hip Hop duo who recently signed up as DMDS Pro members to deliver their latest music video, Typical Weekend, to MTV Networks. Recently they won MTV U’s The Freshmen contest and now they are in the midst of using DMDS to service their album to radio stations for airplay. We caught up with them to learn how they’re doing navigating the music business.

What does winning The Freshmen mean to After the Smoke at this point in your careers?

Winning “the Freshman” has definitely helped garner attention from our music both locally and abroad. Naysayers have become supporters, and long-time supporters are rooting for us even louder.

Tell us about how After the Smoke came together?

After The Smoke started in Tallahassee, Florida about 5 years ago. We’ve been friends since middle school but we started to create music together when we came to Florida State University.

What made you choose to create a music video compared to any other way of promoting your group?

Music videos have proven to be an effective tool in promoting our music as well as providing a visual representation of our records for our fans. Not only do our music videos excite our fan base, but they allow our music to spread quickly in a short amount of time.

What are some of your goals now and what are your biggest challenges?

Our goals are to establish ourselves not only as a band but as a brand, on every level. We would like to be known for producing high level art on a consistent basis and for using the most effective marketing strategies, which may not always be the traditional route.

Our biggest challenges include not being able to connect with other industry insiders while lving in a small town like Tallahassee. However, because we have to be technologically savvy, we’ve been able to garner enough interest to create a buzz outside of our locale.

How has being a DMDS Pro member helped you?

DMDS has helped us get our music video out to the proper networks needed to receive maximum exposure. Being a DMDS Pro member has been a huge part of our success thus far.

You can find out more about After the Smoke through your account on DMDS or through their website at

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