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DMDS User Profile: Joe Wood

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the DMDS Newsletter. Each edition will include Tips’n’Tricks for both Content Owner and Destination users; an update on newly added and upcoming features; and a profile of a DMDS user.

This month we provide content owner users with a quick overview of the ‘Clone Release’ feature.  We’ve also included a tutorial on creating a playlist in the DMDS Preview Player.

If you have any specific questions you would like us to cover or have any feedback, please let us know by simply replying to this message or email our support staff at


Need to send a release to a new list of destinations without affecting the original release? Make a clone! Cloning a release is an easy way to make a copy of a release that you have on DMDS. The clone contains all of the original media files and information. The destinations for the release are not copied when you make a clone. Destinations need to be selected for the new clone.

From your library:

If you’re a content manager and receive a release from a colleague, you can clone the release and send it on to your selected destinations.

From the Library, open the release you want to clone.

At the top of the release details, you will see a “Clone Release” Button if you have access to clone this release.


This will open the new clone for you to change/modify info, save to drafts, add destinations, and/or send and notify.

From your Manager:

Previously sent or saved releases can also be cloned by accessing the release via your ‘Drafts’ or ‘Sent’ grids.

Highlight the release and click on the CLONE button in the Commands column or module.


This will open the new clone for you to change/modify info and media, add destinations, save to drafts, and/or send and notify.


To preview an audio/video file on DMDS, click Listen from the command column. A growl pop up will appear informing you that the file has been added to the preview player. You can add multiple files to the preview player, which can always be found along the bottom of the DMDS website, no matter which pages you navigate to.


To see what files you have in your preview player, click Playlist to view the playlist.

Playlist View

Just click on the file you would like to preview. To close the preview player window click the X button at the top right. To remove files from the preview player one at a time, click the X to the right of the file name. To clear the entire preview player, click the clear icon .

Saving Playlists:

To create a playlist, you’ll first need to add tracks to your preview player. Once you have added your selections to the preview, type a name for your playlist in the field at the top of the playlist window. Finally, to save your playlist, click the Save button. Your playlist will now be found under the Saved Playlists module.

Saved Playlists


"If U Seek Amy"-Britney Spears-Sony Music

"Rusted From The Rain"-Billy Talent-Warner

"No Surprise"-Daughtry-Sony Music

"Generation"-Simple Plan-Warner

"Burn It To The Ground"-Nickelback-EMI


"All You Did Was Save My Life" Teaser-Our Lady Peace-Sony Music

"Burn It To The Ground"-Nickelback-EMI

"Rusted From The Rain" Teaser-Billy Talent-Warner

"Passion"-Kreesha Turner-EMI

"Dr. West (Skit)"-Eminem-Universal


Joe Wood
President, RDR Music - Toronto
Joe Wood
Joe Wood has been active in the music community for over 25 years now. He has been a singer, a songwriter, a recording artist, a small indie label owner. He has been involved in radio tracking, CD manufacturing, online retail distribution, and more recently the sending of music to commercial radio digitally.

“Technology has changed the way we our do business, says Joe, but it’s still all about the song. It all starts and ends with a good song.”

Contact Joe Wood:
Phone: 416.445.2500

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