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Top Downloads & Most Active Indies – Week of Feb. 10th, 2014

Top Downloads:

  1. U2 "Invisible" (Universal)
  2. Walk Off The Earth “Shake” (Sony)
  3. Sam Roberts Band "Human Heat" (Universal)
  4. Florida Georgia Line f. Luke Bryan “This Is How We Roll” (Republic Nashville/Universal)
  5. Darius Rucker “Miss You” (Universal)
  6. Hey Ocean “Big Blue Wave” (Universal)
  7. George Michael “Let Her Down Easy” (Universal)
  8. Beyoncé f/ JAY Z “Drunk In Love” (Sony)
  9. Meaghan Smith "Have A Heart" (Warner)
  10. Autumn Hill “If She Wants This Town” (Universal)

*Top Downloads are the most downloaded Singles in the given period

Most Active Indies:

  1. Alyssa Reid “Hurricane” (Wax/Universal/DMD Promo)
  2. Bobby Wills "Crazy Enough" (MDM/Universal/Dale Speaking Promo)
  3. Karen Lee Batten “Cause A Scene” (KLB/L. Tutty Promo)
  4. Boy&Gurl “Stay With Me (Glover/Grenn Remix)” (HardLove)
  5. Pop Evil “Torn To Pieces” (Indie/Frontside)
  6. Gil Grand "Groove" (GrandPooba)
  7. [SEBELL] "Till The Sun Burns Out" (Indie/DMD Promo)
  8. Pepper The Crow “Back To Santa Monica” (Indie/AMtoFM Promo)
  9. Santa Clara “Castaway” (Prodigy)
  10. David Myles “I Will Love You” (Indie/RPM Promo)

*Most Active Indies are the most streamed and downloaded Singles in the given period on releases not directly promoted by any of the major record companies


DMDS Brings You the MTV, Fuse, & Centric Music Charts: Week 5, 2014


Top 20 Aired 02/4/2014
1. A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera “Say Something”
2. Pitbull F/ Ke$ha “Timber”
3. Pharrell “Happy”
4. Jason Derulo F/ 2 Chainz “Talk Dirty”
5. Bastille “Pompeii”
6. Onerepublic “Counting Stars”
7. Lorde “Team”
8. Passenger “Let Her Go”
9. One Direction “Story Of My Life”
10. Eminem F/ Rihanna “The Monster”


Top 20 #936 Results 01/25/2014; Airs 02/01/2014
1. Pitbull ft. Ke$ha - Timber
2. Ellie Goulding - Burn
3. Eminem ft. Rihanna - The Monster
4. Zedd ft. Hayley Williams - Stay The Night
5. Lorde - Team
6. A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera - Say Something
7. OneRepublic - Counting Stars
8. Bastille - Pompeii
9. John Newman - Love Me Again
10. Beyonce - XO


Top Downloads & Most Active Indies – Week of Feb. 3rd, 2014

Top Downloads:

  1. Sam Roberts Band "Human Heat" (Universal)
  2. Bobby Wills "Crazy Enough" (MDM/Universal/Dale Speaking Promo) *also #1 MAI
  3. U2 "Invisible" (Universal)
  4. Kylie Minogue "Into The Blue" (Warner)
  5. Meaghan Smith "Have A Heart" (Warner)
  6. Imagine Dragons f. Kendrick Lamar "Radioactive" (Universal)
  7. Hunter Hayes "Invisible" (Warner)
  8. Mary Lambert "She Keeps Me Warm" (Universal)
  9. Daft Punk "Give Life Back To Music" (Sony)
  10. Bastille "Bad Blood" (Universal)

*Top Downloads are the most downloaded Singles in the given period

Most Active Indies:

  1. Bobby Wills "Crazy Enough" (MDM/Universal/Dale Speaking Promo) *also #2 TD
  2. Kevin Drew "Good Sex" (Arts & Crafts/Canvas Promo)
  3. The Balconies "Boys And Girls" (Coalition/RPM Promo)
  4. [SEBELL] "Till The Sun Burns Out" (Indie/DMD Promo)
  5. Leanne Pearson "The Only Thing" (Indie/L. Tutty Promo)
  6. Gil Grand "Groove" (GrandPooba)
  7. Monster Truck "Old Train" (Dine Alone/Frontside Promo)
  8. Andrea England "Laundry" (Lemonade Factory/SpinCount Promo)
  9. AJ Woodworth and the Matinee "Why Baby Why" (604/Pitbull Promo)
  10. Larry Berrio "No Guts No Glory" (Indie/L. Tutty Promo)

*Most Active Indies are the most streamed and downloaded Singles in the given period on releases not directly promoted by any of the major record companies


Superbowl Blues

By Sarah Foss
President, Advertising

Superbowl BluesLike many across the country—dare I say world?—I gathered with friends and family to watch the Big Game yesterday.  And, like everyone else, I was watching to see a good game—and witness the spectacle of advertising madness that is now as much part of the event as the game is.

But, halfway through, I started feeling a bit, well, down.  Deflated.  Blue.  And, no, I’m not a Denver fan.

As each spot was aired, I realized that the excitement and anticipation was gone.  I had already seen the ads!  Even my non-industry buddies had seen most of them.  And, earlier in the day, I had a long conversation with a dear friend who unilaterally declared she wasn’t even going to watch as “…I’ve already seen the ones that would interest me.  David Beckham, Bud’s crazy night out, you know, the good ones.”  (And, she’s in telecom.)

Don’t get me wrong, if I was spending millions on a fleeting 30-seconds, I would also try to maximize it!  But, what used to be industry hype and fodder—cloaked in secrecy—has evolved into a mad rush for viral videos views before the game.  All of a sudden, the post-game ad analysis has winners being declared based on YouTube…not on post-game debate, discussion, fodder and watercooler smack talk.  (Sure, we can declare that Budweiser is the champion with two interesting efforts and viral chatter, but really, isn’t the most important question why Don Cheadle had a llama?)

I just was sad.   The mystery of the creative process has been so exposed that even our biggest ad day is now lacking surprise.  Or, it’s architected surprise.  (Thankfully, Arnold and Stephen created good teaser spots that at least pretended to have some element of the unknown.)

Now, I wonder, will I actually feel the same desire to watch the whole game?  In the past, when the games were blowouts, there was always the need to see every spot in real-time.  I like the Seahawks—I grew up in the Pacific Northwest; but it’s highly suspect I would have stayed tuned-in for all four quarters of horrifying play by the Broncos.

Call me a fuddy-duddy or old-fashioned.  I liked it when I didn’t know the stars of each spot, the well-architected, feel-good moments, and the surprise endings of commercials.  I relished in the mystery…and it’s clear those days are done.

Goodbye, Superbowl surprises.  I mourn you this AM…and will have to count on the PuppyBowl to surprise and delight me with sponsorships now.



Aria Tesolin Nominated for Top 40 Best New Artist in 2014 New Music Awards

Toronto opera pop singer Aria Tesolin has been nominated for three 2014 New Music Awards, taking place this fall in Hollywood, California. Her radio hit single The Key reached #5 in the US Hot 100 Singles Chart on New Music Weekly in September 2013

Jan. 27, 2014 - TORONTO, Canada -- Toronto opera pop singer Aria Tesolin, known for her distinctive style of classically infused original pop music, has been nominated for Top 40 Best New Artist of the Year for the 2014 New Music Awards. These awards recognize true music industry talent among both independent and major label artists. Other nominees include Lorde, Avicii, Austin Mahone, and Alina Artts. The 2013 winner was Carly Rae Jepsen for her hit song Call Me Maybe. Tesolin was also nominated for Top 40 Breakthrough Artist of the Year and AC Breakthrough Artist of the Year.