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DMDS at the 2012 JUNO Award Nominees Press Conference

Nominees in 41 Juno Award categories were unveiled in Toronto on Tuesday.
The 2012 Juno Awards will be held in Ottawa on April 1.

Artist of the year: Drake, Feist, Michael Bublé, City and Colour, Deadmau5.

Album: Goodbye Lullabye, Avril Lavigne; Take Care, Drake; Under the Mistletoe, Justin Bieber; Christmas, Michael Bublé; Here and Now, Nickleback.


Charting for the week of Feb. 6th

Top Downloads:

  1. Madonna – Give Me All Your Luvin’ (Universal)
  2. M.I.A. – Bad Girls (Universal)
  3. Flo Rida – Wild Ones (Warner)
  4. Loverush UK ft. Bryan Adams – Tonight In Babylon (Universal)
  5. Eight and a Half – Go Ego (Arts&Crafts)
  6. Taio Crz – Troublemaker  (Universal)
  7. Young The Giant – Apartment (Roadrunner)
  8. Jack White – Love Interruption (Third Man/Sony)
  9. Nickelback – Lullaby (Universal)
  10. Anjulie – Stand Behind The Music (DJ Stax Mix) (Universal Republic/Universal)

*Top Downloads are the most downloaded Singles in the given period

Most Active Indies:


  1. Eight and a Half – Go Ego (Arts&Crafts)
  2. Shore All Stars – Oh What A Feeling! (What a Rush) (Shore Media Group)
  3. Neoclubber – Illusions (Neoclubber)
  4. Settlers Creek Band – Greener On The Country Side (ABMG)
  5. Aaron Pritchett – I Want To Be In It With You (Awesome/Decibel/EMI/DMD Promo)
  6. Lindsay Broughton – Holdin’ Onto You (Curve/Road Angel)
  7. Kristina Maria – Our Song Comes On (Lupo One/Nat Corbeil Promo/TandemTracks Promo)
  8. EmRe ft. JRDN – Takin’ Off (Moon and Star/Pitbull Promo)
  9. Rose Cousins – The Darkness (Outside/SpinCount Promo)
  10. Dean Brody – Canadian Girls (Open Road)

*Most Active Indies are the most streamed and downloaded Singles in the given period on releases not directly promoted by any of the four "major" record labels.


DMDS Video Profile: Kristina Maria

Kristina Maria's first two singles have both hit top 10 on the BDS Radio CHR/Top 40 charts. Her third single "Our Song Comes On" was also released via DMDS and is currently blowing up at radio. It's also been on our Most Active Indies chart for 3 weeks in a row - a feat previously attained by artists like Adele and Feist.

Shelsea Hamilton from DMDS recently caught up with Kristina at her hotel during a recent stop in Toronto. Here's some footage:




YANGAROO DMDS lanza concurso de Música “La Nueva Estrella de DMDS”

Febrero 01, 2012, Toronto -- YANGAROO Inc, la compañía líder en el sector de distribución de archivos digitales a medios de comunicación, ha anunciado hoy el lanzamiento de su concurso “La Nueva Estrella de DMDS” (Digital Media Delivery System). Esta iniciativa apoyaría a miles de músicos independientes que no tienen los recursos necesarios para conectarse con gente decisiva en las estaciones de radio y cadenas de televisión en EE.UU. y Canadá. Los músicos o grupos independientes que ganen el concurso recibirán una suscripción gratuita a un servicio llamado DMDS Pro, que es una cuenta digital que proporciona a los ganadores un conjunto de herramientas para distribuir música y vídeo a más de 3000 estaciones de radio y cadenas de televisión como MTV, VH1, BET, CMT, GAC, Fuse, MuchMusic, Telemundo, más un centenar de destinos adicionales.

"El internet hoy en día le permite a músicos independientes y artistas aficionados presentar su música a una gran cantidad de audiencia, a un bajo costo, sin la necesidad de un sello discográfico. Sin embargo tarde o temprano, un músico – aun – necesita del poder de los tradicionales medios de comunicación para conquistar el mundo" comento Johan Gil, Coordinador de Cuentas y Mercadeo Digital de Yangaroo DMDS. "Queremos ayudar a artistas de música siendo el ‘punto de conexión’ que ellos necesitan para  poder promocionarse en la radio y televisión. Sin embargo, lo más importante de nuestro papel es que creemos firmemente en el concepto de construir relaciones y estamos comprometidos en ayudar a hacer sueños realidad! Por ello, hemos creado este concurso con el fin de apoyar artistas que carecen del conocimiento de cómo conectarse con gente clave en la radio o televisión,  y/o que no poseen los recursos necesarios para llegar a estos medios”.

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YANGAROO’s DMDS Launches “Rising Star” Music Competition

February 1, 2012, Toronto -- YANGAROO Inc, the industry’s leading secure digital media distribution company, today announced the launch of its online music contest “DMDS Rising Star.” This initiative will support the tens of thousands of independent musicians who do not have the necessary means to connect with key decision makers at radio stations and TV networks across the US and Canada. Independent musicians or groups who win the contest will receive a free DMDS Pro membership, which is YANGAROO’s advanced account offering, providing winners with the full suite of features and flexibility for delivering music and music video content to over 3000 radio stations, and television broadcasters such as MTV, VH1, BET, CMT, GAC, Fuse, MuchMusic, and more, plus over a hundred additional promotional destinations for review and airplay consideration.

“The Internet allows musicians and amateur artists to present their music to a huge audience at low cost without the need of a recording label. However, you still – sooner or later – need the power of mass media to conquer the world,” said Johan Gil, Online Marketing and Account Relations Coordinator, DMDS. “We are helping artists with ‘connecting the dots’ to the radio stations and TV networks! What's more, we strongly believe in relationships and making dreams come true! That’s why we have created this contest in order to support the talent of artists who lack the knowledge of getting to major broadcasters and/or do not possess the resources to