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Charting for week of August 31, 2010

Top DMDS Downloads:

1.  Ace Of Base - All For You (Universal)
2.  Deric Ruttan - That's How I Wanna Go Out (CIMA)
3.  Mike Posner - Please Don't Go (Sony)
3.  Faber Drive - The Pay Off (Universal)
5.  Junior Caldera - Can't Fight This Feeling (Universal)
6.  Dierks Bentley - Draw Me A Map (EMI)
7.  Cee Lo Green - Forget You (Warner)
8.  Taylor Swift - Mine (Universal)
9.  Sick Puppies - Maybe (EMI)
10.  Broken Social Scene - Texaco Bitches (Arts&Crafts)

Most Active Indies:

1.  Broken Social Scene - Texaco Bitches (Arts&Crafts)
2.  Deric Ruttan - That's How I Wanna Go Out (Black T/Stark Ravings)
3.  Jacynthe - Don't Touch Those Faders (Whammo Music/DEP-Universal)
4.  Jaydee Bixby - Can't Ask For More Than That (On Ramp)
5.  Stef Lang - Slave2Love (Hipjoint Music)
6.  Tenille - Wendy - Can You Hear Me Peter Pan (Independent/Lauren Tutty)
7.  Shane Yellowbird - I Get That A Lot These Days (On Ramp)
8.  Carolyn Dawn Johnson - The Whole Thing (Road Angel)
8.  Brittany Kwasnik - Fine (Justin Time/Music Solutions)
10. Marshall Dane - Bad Choices (Red Riviera/Bob Martineau)

Hey! Get to know Adam on the DMDS Sales Team.

Back in May 2003, for the first time in the recorded history of man, a mastered single (Jersey's "Generation Genocide") was digitally delivered from recording studio (Metalworks) to label (EMI Music Canada) to radio (all rock stations in Canada) completely digitally. The service that made it happen was DMDS and one of the young customer support reps who helped make it happen was yours truly. Fast-forward 7 years, and Jersey doesn't exist, but nearly all music and music videos are delivered to radio and TV via DMDS.

I'm now on the sales team, spreading the word and selling DMDS services--music/video/awards/ads--to labels, artists, radio promoters, managers, agencies, etc. across North America and Bulgaria (I'm lookin' at you Accuse La Banks).

Likes: Leafs, Jays, vinyl albums with lyric sheets, answering rhetorical questions

Dislikes: Habs, Yankees, MP3'sencodedat less than 256kb/s, hamsters