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Charting for week of September 28, 2010

Top Downloads:

1.  Tim McGraw - Felt Good On My Lips (Curb/Warner)
2.  Linkin Park - Waiting For The End (Warner)
3.  Johnny Reid - Let's Go Higher (EMI)
4.  Marcy Playground - Gin & Money (EMI)
5.  My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na) (Warner)
6.  Akon - Angel (Universal)
7.  Cee Lo Green - Forget You (Warner)
8.  Taio Cruz f/Ke$ha - Dirty Picture (Universal)
9.  Bon Jovi -  What Do You Got (Universal)
10.  Blake Shelton - Who Are You When I'm Not Looking (Warner)

Most Active Indies:

1.  Small Sins (feat. K-OS) - Deja Vu (Small Sins/Arts & Crafts)
2.  Dreadnoughts - Poutine (Stomp)
3.  Chris Cummings - Leavings Not An Option (Royalty)
4.  Ridley Bent - Love Car (Open Road)
5.  Jason Blaine - Hillybilly Girl  (E1/Stark Ravings)
6.  Hemingway Corner - Think About Love (Snowbilly/Lauren Tutty)
7.  Final Flash - Go Outside (Indica/Pitbull)
8.  Rory Gardiner - There You Go Again (Break Free/Lauren Tutty)
9.  Shelly Rastin - He's Gone (Indie/Music Solutions)
10.  Starewell - New York Minute (Indie)

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Charting for September 20, 2010

Top Downloads:

1.  Keith Urban - Put You In A Song (EMI)
2.  Johnny Reid - You Gave My Heart A Home (EMI)
3.  James Blunt - Stay The Night (Atlantic/Warner)
4.  Kid Rock - Born Free (Atlantic/Warner)
5.  Paul Brandt - The Highway Patrol (Brand-T/Dale Speaking)
6.  Neil Young - Walk With Me (Warner)
7.  Ash Koley - Brighter At Night (Sony)
8.  Pitbull - Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor) Ft. T-Pain (Sony)
9.  Michael Bublé - Hollywood (Warner
10.  Johnny Reid - Let's Go Higher (EMI)


DMDS Awards: The Year of 2010

Did you see Lady Gaga wear her raw dinner main as a dress this week? How about Taylor Swifts pathetic excuse of a come back to Kanye West’s outburst last year? The MTV Music Video Awards generally have some entertainment value about them. And oh yeah, there are music video’s too. That’s where we come in, since we aren’t quite known for our fashion sense here at Yangaroo.

MTV used DMDS for the first time this year to support the MTV Music Video Awards. Along with the usual hype of who appeared, performed and what they all wore, what people didn’t know is that we supported the software and systems that made the judging and voting possible.  This included streaming audio and video for the judges via the DMDS Awards System.


Charting for the week of September 13

Top Downloads:

1.  Michael Buble - Hollywood (Warner)
2.  Kings Of Leon - Radioactive (Sony)
3.  Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (Universal)
4.  Eric Clapton - Run Back To Your Side (Warner)
5.  Kid Rock - Born Free (Warner)
6.  Cee Lo Green -  Forget You (Warner)
6.  Shakira - Loca (JS Mix Ft. Dizzee Rascall) (Universal)
8.  Johnny Reid - Let's Go Higher (EMI)
9.  Jesse McCartney - Shake (Universal)
10.  3OH!3 - Double Vision (Warner)


Charting for week of Sept 7, 2010

Top Downloads:

1.  Cee Lo Green - Forget You (Elektra/Warner)
2.  Natasha Bedingfield - Strip Me (Sony)
3.  Bon Jovi - What Do You Got? (Universal)
3. and Nicki Minaj -  Check It Out (Universal)
5.  Carrie Underwood - Mama's Song (Sony)
6.  The Higgins - Burn You Back (Open Road)
7.  Sara Evans - A Little Bit Longer (Sony)
8.  Jacksoul - It's You (Sony)
9.  Cascada - Pyromania (Universal)
10.  My Darkest Days ft. Ludacris - Porn Star Dancing (Universal)