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You want Canadian Content? Well, we’ve got Canadian Content!

Yep, DMDS is loaded with tons of content classified as Canadian by your friends and ours at the CRTC. Recently we’ve added the ability to select whether to display CanCon on each release in DMDS. So fear not Canadian Music Directors, we're going to show you how to display CanCon on your account. Plus if you’re an artist or label looking for spins on Canadian radio we'll tell you a little more about CanCon and how it helps you get airplay.


The DMDS library: better, faster, stronger

Yesterday, DMDS unleashed the latest addition to its patented digital delivery system for radio and television broadcasters. Log into your account and you’ll see a new and improved library where you can find releases and orders much faster than before, plus you can download any file without leaving your search results page.